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Below are my five most recent miniatures related photos. These used to be freshly painted miniatures only, but now include game photos as well.

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Carolingian spearmen

February 9, 2008 3:45 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: Wet Paint

These are the 8 Artizan Carolingian spearmen I finished over a week ago, but only managed to photograph today (lazy ‘r’ us):


They were finished metal to varnish in 3.5 2 hour painting sessions, so less than 1 hour per figure. I’m happy that I’ve been able to keep my painting perfectionist side down and painting volume up.

Next up are a set of 11 Foundry ACW zouaves, painted as the 1st Louisiane Zouaves (not the Louisiana Tigers), who are already about half done.

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