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Below are my five most recent miniatures related photos. These used to be freshly painted miniatures only, but now include game photos as well.

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It lives...

January 21, 2008 7:19 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: General

Just as we were ready to pronounce it dead and buried, the ancient beast shudders, sloughs off layers of dust and sleepily opens one eye to peer at the world outside. Yes, TTM still lives.

Due to a variety of reasons, some personal, some not, I haven’t posted anything here since the first half of last year. Lots of things happened since then, some of which conspired to stop the regular flow of posts here.

That said, I’d like to kickstart things again with a ‘what are you working on’ type of post (that phrase is not chosen at random, see further on). I’ve recently started painting again after several months’ inaction (long enough to forget most of my ‘paint recipes’), and these are things I’ve recently finished or am working on at the moment:

  • A GHQ Modern British combat command (1/285th) (essentially a reinforced infantry battalion) - these are all finished. The idea is that we start some kind of a ‘Cold War turned hot’ project soon(ish). Frank is doing Germans, Koen is doing Russians, and Alan has been making noises about acquiring some Russians too. I’m looking at Cold War Commander for this project.
  • 4 Romano British cavalry command types (Foundry 28mm) (1 leader, 2 standard bearer, 1 musician) to round out my RB cavalry units. These are finished but for the bases.
  • I just started the first batch of 8 Artizan Designs Carolingian spearmen. These are my next Dark Ages army and might feature in a Carolingians vs Vikings in Leuven game sometime in the future.

The last two painting sessions I did went very well (a bad painting session is one where I break out all the stuff and than twiddle about doing not much at all, putting everything away after painting just 1 layer on three figures or so), which I attribute to a tip of Phil’s - listening to podcasts while painting. I went through the latest episodes of The Naked Scientists podcast, What are you working on (aha) and All about miniatures while painting the latest batches of figures, and find it works very well. It is an unintrusive enough way of keeping your mind occupied while painting, yet not intrusive enough to distract from the painting (as TV tends to do). I think I’ll be doing this a lot more - thanks for the suggestion Phil.

Finally, the biweekly Schild en Vriend games have been going on strong, with an ACW game (the Henry Hill action of 1st Bull Run ) and a Blitzkrieg commander game (German invasion of Belgium in 1940) having featured recently. Photos of the latter can be found on Flickr.

That’s it for now, and let’s try to get some more posts up.

Comments on this entry

Bart, good idea to start the blog again. Although we have been playing games regularly, reading each other’s bemusings can be fun as well.

I have to say my painting is on a low the past months. Since Crisis, I haven’t been painting anymore, but I hope to pick it up in the near future again.

I have been thinking about games I would like to organize during the coming year. Our proved system for ACW seems tot converge to something that everyone feels comfortable with, so I would like to use the exact same framework (no changes to C&C, but probably a few to combat resolution factors) for other similar periods as well. The colonial period comes to mind, for which I have French Foreign Legion / Arab figures, or possibly the Zulu Wars (20mm plastics again!).

I also would like to play some more 25mm fantasy. My own Te Wapen rules, which were based on the Commands & Colors system of Richard Borg, have become somewhat obsolete now that BattleCry is available. So, something new is in order, probably along the lines of Warmaster. The advantage is that is uses the same command system as BKC, so that’s a bonus. Along the same lines, some 25mm SciFi might see the table as well. Basically, it’s just skirmish games with high-tech weapons.

Some other periods we might see in action: Age of Sails Naval; WW2 North Africa or EastFront; Vietnam; and of course the usual surprises :-)

January 23, 2008 9:02 AM - Posted by Phil