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'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.


What's new on the Schild & Vriend pages

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December 22
Did some minor updating of the schedule, reflecting the new situation of Schild & Vriend.
April 12
For one weekend, we managed to suppress our "Visual Appeal is Everything" reflex and actually participated in a DBM tournament here in Belgium. To witness, there are some new pictures in the gallery, taken by Maarten with his new fangled digital camera thingy. Luckily however, most of us are not what one might call good players, so we did manage to enjoy ourselves :). Seriously, the tournament has a very friendly atmosphere (most of the time). We might even go back :).
July 22
Added a page on scales, written by Phil, to the Wargaming 101 section.
June 23
Added the Grassus in Germany II scenario, a Roman vs. German scenario for DBM, linked of the scenario page.
June 15
Added scenario page with three scenarios to start it off. One of them is the new Battle for Thompson's Bridge by BD, which has a battle report added as well.
June 15
Has it really been that long? Anyway, updated some of the links pages. There's an ACW battle report & scenario underway, as well as a few ancients scenarios. You can expect th first page(s) of our Mons Badonicus project online soon as well..
February 10
Phil sent updates of the Shootist pages.
December 18
Added Armati to the rules page.
December 1
Added battle report of For a few tusks more games at Crisis '98.
Added the making of a jungle page to For a Few Tusks More pages.
Expanded timeline and background information pages of the Human-Xirin wars section.
November 27
Added the von Trappstein-Hohenschliefen family page, linked off the scenario design page.
November 24
Added Crisis 98 photos.
Added a small surprise to the members page.
Phil sent an updated version of the History of wargaming page.
November 23
Added site highlights to the front page. These will change periodically to reflect new interest points on the site.
November 20
Phil sent an update for the Aquazone page, a game which seems to be developing a certain cult following.
September 4
Added Game & rules page to For a few tusks more.
August 31
Finally a real update again: added first two pages of For a few tusks more - Darkest Africa Colonial wargaming: introduction and storyline.
August 12
Reworked links section.
August 7
Started reworking of several pages: including margins, some standardisation in titles and headings, more breathing space for pictures and text etc. On to a bigger, better, faster site!
July 31
Added clipart to the Battle for McPheerson's Ridge report.
July 28
Added BattleGraphsTM to the Battle for McPheerson's Ridge report.
July 27
Tim Peterson was kind enough to perform some magic on the pictures in the second Old West gallery. We'll have to buy him a drink if we ever end up in Canada - thanks Tim!
July 23
Added battle report for the battle of McPheerson's Ridge. We've added margins to the page as a layout experiment - comments welcome.
July 16
Rebuilt main page from the ground up, as it was getting a trifle on the big'n'heavy side. You might have to reload the page to see the changes.
Added second Old West picture gallery.
Added "Hills, mountain and other elevations" section to terrain pages.
July 14
Added information on the Warhammer group of Schild en Vriend. This used to be maintained by Michel van der Meiren, but has recently been transferred to this site.
July 13
Added some links. These will (hopefully) not trigger the automatic update notification.
July 10
Added update notification feature.
Beginning of terrain discussion added.
July 9
Added link to main page on all sub pages.
Added Full Thrust scenery page.
July 8
Added pictures to Full Thrust pages.
Changed pictures in Full Thrust picture gallery.
Added battle report for the battle for Ghandi's End.
July 3
Redesigned navigation on main page.
July 2
Fixed the 'June 31' entry that used to be below this one :).
Added the beginning of our Full Thrust narrative campaign pages, including a scenario.
Did some work on improving navigation through the main page.
July 1
Minor changes all over site. No prizes for spotting them, though :).
June 30
Painting: bringing it all together page added.
June 24
Scenario design page added.
Sitemap added.
June 22
Aquazone page added.
June 19
First battle report added: the battle for Gross-Untendorf.
Aquazone and Fantasy Rules! pictures added.
June 18
1/300th WWII Western Desert pictures added.
June 17
Layering added to painting techniques page.
June 16
Members page added.
June 15
Speed painting page added.
Reactivated Te Wapen! links.
First part of painting page added.
June 12
What's new page added.
June 11
Pages moved to new server. Minor changes associated with change of server and webmaster all over site.
June 10
Visual Appeal page added. It is our intention to expand this section into a description of our terrain and painting techniques.

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