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Below are my five most recent miniatures related photos. These used to be freshly painted miniatures only, but now include game photos as well.

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Action on Kalahari V

April 29, 2012 2:09 PM - Posted by Phil - Category: Antares2401 Campaign

As part of our ongoing ‘Antares 2401’ campaign, a battle was fought last week between several squads of StarMarines and the pirate gang of Krypton Venk.

This SF campaign uses houserules for skirmish SF gaming, and the setting is definitely not doom-and-gloom WH40K, but more a mix between the StarTrek-MosEisleyStarWars-2000ADComic styles. Figures are mainly old Citadel figures from the 80s and early 90s.

Anyway, below are some pictures … not of too high quality, I’m afraid.

compound.JPG Overview of the pirate compound.

gamma1.JPG StarMarines of Gamma squad (aka Von RattKopf's Jammers) storm the compound.

beta1.JPG Beta squad (aka The Shadows) prepares to attack.

delta1.jpg Delta squad (aka The Reds) has breached the defences and engages Krypton Venk in close combat.

As part of the campaign (this is the 2nd game), each player has to write up a mission report, from the point-of-view of his squad.

Beta squad report (written be player Bastiaan Proot)

Our continuing mission to restore order to the Galaxy has led us to Kalahari V, where space pirate Krypton Venk established a base and was pillaging the planet's valuable artifacts.
Long range scans showed the base to be a small group of primitive buildings, next to a narrow river, surrounded by rough terrain. We had few options to choose from for our approach. Landing the shuttles safely was precision work.
Immediately after disembarking we came under long range Q-Cannon fire originating from the base. Luckily the shots weren't very accurate and the terrain provided ample cover to give us the opportunity to organise our attack on the compound. They were obviously expecting us. Fighters were dug in deep and had every approach angle covered. Starfleet Counter Intelligence needs to look into this: information about our imminent arrival got leaked or these outlaws have access to more advanced detection technology than we think.
Long range rocket fire proved virtually useless against the defences so a direct assault was ordered. My squad had the right flank. Our attack would concentrate on the building where the Q-cannon was deployed. We started to move in closer, first from cover to cover and eventually crossing the open ground towards the buildings. Enemy fire was punishing. Several marines got heavily wounded right away while our return fire didn't have any obvious effect. Specialist Leiffson got shot in the face and died on the spot.
By that time the assumption that all enemy fighters were inside the compound turned out to be wrong. An unknown number of the enemy fighters were trying to get around us and attack us from the back. My squad had to be ordered to back out from the assault to counter this maneuver. It turned into an ugly brawl really fast. Enemy fighters jumped out of the bushes left and right. (And no, these were not them wimpy "Salad people" the Jammers reported about.) We threw everything we had at them at close range. Eventually running low on ammo, we had to take 'em down in hand to hand combat.
When the dust cleared, Grakl the Razide, wanted in numerous star systems, lay dead on the ground. His companions had retreated. Nelson and McGraw got severely wounded in that engagement. Then word came in from the other squads that they had overrun the base and that Venk had surrendered.
Together we then secured a large amount of stolen artifacts and proceeded to dismantle the base. Several other high profile outlaws were taken prisoner. We then returned to the fleet with our dead and wounded.

Gamma Squad report, written by player Bart Vetters

Report by Star Marine Pilot Brand, acting commander of Gamma Squad, Rattkopf's Jammers

In the operation to apprehend pirate Krypton Venk on the planet of Kalahari V, Gamma Squad carried out a successful insertion in shuttle Werenfried. Gamma's mission in the plan was to advance up the left flank and attack the central compound suspected of housing the target from that flank.
Immediately upon landing, the shuttle came under ineffective fire from a Q-cannon situated on the roof of one of the compound buildings. As the shuttle had landed in an area devoid of cover, pilot Brand remained in the shuttle and piloted it to a safer position using the microhover mode. The rest of the squad exited the shuttle and commenced the flanking maneuver.
The flanking maneuver went unopposed until Gamma squad members entered a patch of native vegetation. Several members came under fire from the compound, while inside the vegetation, a native lifeform made threatening advances towards the squad. Star Marine Waldheim dispatched the native lifeform with accurate boltgun fire and proceeded to take samples for later investigation. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad was suffering from accurate fire from what appeared to be a small golden apparition in one of the compound buildings.
While the remaining two squads in the operation were still advancing towards the compound, Star Marines Waldheim and Packard were incapacitated by this fire. The remaining active members of the squad, Sergeant Schiffer and StarMarine Kretz, nevertheless bravely participated in the storming of the compound and left the protective cover of the vegetation in a charge befitting the long and rich tradition of Specops StarMarine operations.
Unfortunately, mere steps outside of the cover, Sergeant Schiffer was cut down by a hail of accurate fire and moments later, StarMarine Kretz fell under the claws of K'z'r'x the Termagant, still meters from the compound walls.
While this storming of the compound was ongoing, I, pilot Brand, moved the shuttle up to pick up the incapacitated members of Gamma Squad. I was just in the process of positioning the shuttle for eventual exfiltration when the signal came over battalion frequency that the pirates had surrendered and the mission was completed.

Gamma Squad roster after operation Venk:

  • Sgt Schiffer - killed by fire storming the compound. Unfortunately, his wounds were too severe to revive him.
  • Private Packard - incapacitated by fire
  • Private Waldheim - incapacitated by fire
  • Private Kretz - killed in close combat by K'z'r'x the Termagant. Medical technology however sufficed to heal him and bring him back to operational status by next mission
  • Star Marine Pilot Brand - piloted shuttle Werenfried in a succesful insertion, intramission maneuvring and post mission exfiltration. No wounds received.

Recommendations for Specops HQ

  • Cross train squad members in the use of heavy weaponry.
  • Invest in unarmed recon drones.
  • Investigate the samples of native lifeform.

No report received yet from Delta Squad ... (should be written by Koen Devroey)

Comrade sgt. Moss reporting the actions of The Reds on Kalahari V, where the mission involved the arrest of space pirate Krypton Venk.

In the pre-mission briefing we were instructed to take up reserve positions, guarding the rear, including the shuttle we landed in.

After a succesfull dust-off, Beta squad took to the right flank and Gamma squad took the left in a classical pincer approach to the suspected hideout.

Gamma squad came under heavy fire very soon by something - or someone - rather shiny. It must have been polished hard armour, for the shots fired by Gamma squad couldn’t even distract it.

When we saw that Gamma squad was under heavy fire and was taking casualties and that also Beta squad was getting bogged down, we knew there was no time for subtleties. I gave the order to private Le Clerc, a veteran from the ill-fated Alpha squad, to lay down heavy covering fire with some missiles while we charged in. Le Clerc was able to incapacitate the gunner of a Q-Cannon. That couln’t prevent however that our pilot Vranitsky, boldly leading the way in, took three bullets from a western-movie-looking-guy and went down, buying enough time for me and private Cohen to jump over the defence works, inside the compound and in to hand-to-hand combat with the western guy and Venk himself. Private Ilnitch and private Le Clerc followed suite, covering our rear. While I was in combat with Venk, Cohen took care of the western guy. Venk, seeing that the number of minions around hem getting slim, tried to escape the combat. However, I was able to persuade him to surrender with some convincing boltgun bursts through his legs. He soon ordered his minions to stand down. Just in time, as it turned out, for privates Ilnitch and Le Clerc, who were both incapacitated by a hellhound.

I was wounded twice during this action, private Cohen once. Private Vranitsky somehow managed to survive the action, some say because of the attentions of a skillfull female medic in medical bay.

We strongly recommend basic medical training for all squad members or the inclusion of a medic for future actions.

Comrade Sgt Moss signing off.

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