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Below are my five most recent miniatures related photos. These used to be freshly painted miniatures only, but now include game photos as well.

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Step by step: painting Bavarian dragoons

March 3, 2011 10:56 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: Painting

While I was painting the 1st Dragoons, I took photos of proceedings at regular times. The idea is to document how I approach painting these days, which is a lot different than how I used to.

When I paint these days, it is with the idea of painting armies of figures, not individual figures. I've got a full article on army painting brewing somewhere in the back of my mind, so consider these pictures as an introduction to army painting, my way. Most important bit to take away from this (and it is shown in the pictures as well): nothing (and I do mean nothing) gets more than two layers of color (not counting the black undercoat).

The full regiment base coated:

IMG 1969

Horses, flesh, grey and red first layer done:

IMG 1970

Everything else first layer done:

IMG 1971

Horses, flesh and reds final layer done:

IMG 1972

Grey overalls and horse furniture final layer done:

IMG 1973

Everything done except metals:

IMG 1974

Everything done:

Bavarian 1st Dragoons 1st squadron

Feel free to scrutinize :)

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