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State of the union

January 6, 2011 7:21 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: General

Just when you thought you’d read the last of those ‘2011 plans and resolutions’ posts, here’s mine. In my defense, I did one of these last year and it’s my blog anyway. So there.

First, let’s recap the projects from last year and see what I did for them this year:

  • Poltava. This is that rare beast — a project that actually was finished. We collected and painted two armies, built the terrain and put on the Poltava game at Crisis. The armies in question have been used several times since and will be used more.
  • Bavarian Napoleonics: currently, these have two line and one light infantry battalions (24 figures each) painted, as well as a two gun artillery battery (bought off Ebay). I also purchased a painted 36 figure line battalion off Ebay. In the same general area - 28mm Napoleonic figures for the 1809 campaign - I purchased a fully painted Austrain army on Ebay (exhausting my wargames budget for the year, had I kept one :) ) and have a few French units painted up as well. So, while I was not able to put on a game with these figures (because it was a few for each nationality instead of lots for one), I’m still calling this a success.
  • Romani Plastici. Another success. While I only painted one extra unit for them last year — the auxiliary cavalry — this did turn out to build up to a playable force, as we played a game with them against my Celts last week and it turned out that they are more than a match for those, so I’ll have to switch to painting more Celts instead of Romans.
  • Sideprojects: not much happened here I’m afraid. I did paint the Uncharted Seas ships (evidence thereof here ) but did nothing for the Future Wars stuff (except buy more figures :) ).

So, all in all a successful year in projects. Which brings me seemlessly to my project list for this year:

  • 28mm Napoleonic figures for the 1809 Danube Camaign. This now becomes my main project for the year (and probably several more years, given the all embracing nature of Napoleonic wargaming). I’m painting the Bavarians myself, have sent off the French line to a friend’s painting service and have an Austrian army that only needs to be rebased. The initial goal is to be able to refight the Abensberg battles (featuring about a division each of Bavarians and Austrians) by summer. By then, the French should be underway so I can move on to Teugn-Hausen by fall.
  • Romani et Celti Plastici: I’ll continue building up the Romans and Celts, mostly in anticipation of the new Ancients ruleset by Priestley for Warlord Games.
  • Side projects: still the Future Wars stuff (the land phase for the Beryllium Wars narrative campaign), as well as refurbishing a Russian Cold War era army I bought second hand (do you see a theme developing here?) to face off against my Brits. Additionally, I’ll paint up the occasional extra unit for the Great Northern War armies. I’m planning on refighting some of the Russian campaign battles and find that I’m short on cavalry for many.

And finally, a new project:

  • 28mm Fantasy wargaming. I bought the Island of Blood boxed set by Games Workshop to have a set of figures to play games with the kids with. Not being able to contain myself, I have since expanded both armies and bought dwarves (Mantic) and Orcs (Foundry) to go with them :). So this year will see me painting up some of these. Of course, this is all a subtle plot to put pressure on Phil to develop his ultimate fantasy wargame ruleset :)

That’s more or less my high level plan for toy soldiery this year. If I can stick by it as well as I did last year, I’ll be very happy. I will make one resolution as well though: buy less figures this year :).

What’s everyone else up to this year?

Comments on this entry

Good plans, and I am looking forward to them!

January 7, 2011 2:49 PM - Posted by Phil

This year I’m getting ready to finish my North Afrika table for 15mm.

January 11, 2011 8:10 AM - Posted by Christof

Looks good for this year - I look forward to seeing the progress on the Napoleonic front.

My big plans for this year are for the Waterloo Project (Perry). First up are 48 Cuirassiers and 24 Carabiners. I hope to finish the Cuirassiers before Easter - as Wendy is back in Europe from March until May. The Horses are done now for the fiddly bits. However I also want to prepare some small armies for Triumph and Tragedy Colonial (Empress), some more AWI (Perry) and I have given in to the itch for ACW (Perry Plastics) - Terrible Sharp Sword from the Lardies.


February 1, 2011 12:13 PM - Posted by Graham