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Memorable gaming moments

February 8, 2007 9:59 AM - Posted by BartD - Category: History and Nostalgia

When we think of past games some of them just tend to stick out, while others are simply forgotten. These games, which make it onto your memory hard drive, are sometimes the results of good planning and a clever scenario twist by the gamemaster but sometimes they are simply the result of dismal bad or freaky good luck. Here are some of my favourite moments:

BartV had planned a WWII desert game in which two players would look over the table, spot the enemy and do the minor manoeuvring while two other players acted as supreme commanders, sitting in an adjacent room who planned general manoeuvring, off board artillery fire etc. Before the game each team had bitter little time to draft a crude map of the terrain board on which the commander could direct his moves. I acted as commander in the field and together with my general we decided at the last instant to ad markers at key points on the map so we could easily assign artillery fire. Communication between office and field went by brief notes which passed through the game master (who rolled and checked if the message arrived in time, got delayed or got lost) Anyway, at some point during the game my opponent positioned his troops on one of our preassigned artillery spots (point alpha) so I sent in a request for artillery fire. The next turn nothing happened so, presuming the order got lost or delayed, I repeated my request. In the mean time my own troops were coming under heavy artillery fire so I was getting desperate! My opponent was still firmly lodged on point alpha though so yet again I called in artillery hoping that this time the order would pass after already 2 failed attempts! But yet again, no artillery shells were hitting my opponent while my troops took some more enemy fire… this was when I realised that I was positioned on our preassigned point x (yes we named them x,y,z and alpha, beta, gamma, we were in a hurry remember) and my general had mistaken my hastily scribbled alpha for an x ! Never again was the fog of war this well captured :-)

Again during a WWII game I was playing the German commander. I was a happy German commander as among my troops was the dreaded annihilator of tin cans, the infamous flak88 gun. When this beauty entered the field (on my left side of the table) right on the spot where my opponent was planning his major tank putsch I could see the colour strip from his face. He immediately started to do some frantic major redeploying while I did some major gloating. The gloating lasted till turn two when the umpire (BartV you bastard ;-)) passed me an order from my NPC supreme commander stating that the flak88 should strengthen the (off-board) eastern front immediately!. The entire game the flak88 was seen making its way to the right side of the board. Causing serious bewilderment to my opponent who was franticly trying to make out what the hell I was planning, all the time adapting his plans to the ever changing flak88’s position… until it disappeared off board that is. The look on his face was priceless :-)

So what are your memorable moments?

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I’m tempted to recall the Great Gotha bomber moment, but we have discussed that here before.

I also remember your glorious charge of Russian cavalry into Bonaparte’s mass battery. You were forever ‘Mad Dog Bart’ from that moment on.


February 12, 2007 9:39 PM - Posted by Alan

mmm. I don’t recall that charge… Did they make it to the battery or were they cut down?

I do remember the game (7 years war?) where my co-general (Graham?) almost trampled my infantry when he wanted to steal my moment of glory from under me! The swine!

Or the juggernaut DBM Andrionople game, where I, as Emperor, was cunningly assasinated through DBM millimeter skulldudgery (my esteemed collegue moved a one of his supposedly friendly units behind my general so when recoiled he’d die. (The position of Emperor (and accompanying curtain/toga-I won’t go into how the Barbarian chief was dressed)changed hands another 3? times in that game IIRC)

February 15, 2007 8:41 AM - Posted by BartD

Hi Bart

It was a big Napoleonics game, set in 1814. You had a Russian corps in the centre of the battlefield, facing a tough French defence. Your reaction, understandably enough was the full frontal charge. It was glorious but, alas, not a great success as I remember.

This game was also notable for a friendly fire incident, involving players on the French side. We had set up the game with early morning mist. This meant limited visibility and problems seeing anything at a distance. One french player started to advance his troops and deploy. Another French player, commanding a grand battery, received intelligence that there was troop movement ahead of him. “What do you want to do? Open fire?” asked the umpires innocently. “You bet” replied the Marechal. The sad but inevitable result was of course that he fired on his own side. It wasn’t terribly important, but was quite funny, at least for everyone observing and, to be fair, even Graham K., commanding the recipients of this barrage, chuckled at hearing the outcome.


February 22, 2007 7:35 PM - Posted by Alan