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Celtic figures

December 7, 2006 7:33 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: Feeding the habit

The other day, a gaming friend interested in getting some Celtic figures asked me about what manufacturer my Celts are from. Here’s my answer:

Well, for Celtic figures, you’re spoilt for choice if nothing else. Because Celts are the figures featured in the WAB book, just about everyone and his dog do a Celtic range.

As to my Celts - they’re mostly Foundry, with a few Renegade and Old Glory chariots and Old Glory infantry. The vast majority is Foundry however, bought way back when they were just putting their stock into packs and selling off the non-pack-packaged stock at ridicilously low prices. They’re good figures, and I would recommend them, except for the price of course. However, it is rare you can not get any sort of discount on Foundry stuff, and I believe they’re doing their usual horde deals for Christmas again, although that would mean buying *a lot* of figures to get a good price per figure.

The Old Glory figures I have for infantry are the older Caesar’s War in Gaul (CGW or CWG) range, not the newer Celtic range (Update: it turns out these figures are now the PPC range). The figures are on the good side of the Old Glory spectrum, but still suffer from the typical Old Glory ‘awkwardness’.

The Renegade stuff is truly chunky: they outmass just about any other figure on the table, and the swords are indeed as massive as they look on the website. I’ve only got a few of their chariots, so that doesn’t matter that much, but I would not combine Renegade infantry in a unit with another manufacturer’s figures. They’re good figures though, on a par or even better as Foundry’s, except for the chunkiness.

All that aside, would I want to start over, I’d have a good look at Gripping Beast. They suffer from a few flaws (typical poses, impossible poses to stick spears on with a few of the spearmen), but they look gorgeous on the website.

As a bit of gratuitous self promotion (hey, it’s my blog after all), you can ogle my Celts here.

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