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Crusade 2006

September 5, 2006 3:17 PM - Posted by Phil - Category: Conventions

Saturday, September 2, Bart, Alan and myself attended Crusade in Leopoldsburg. As the Schild en Vriend demo team, we ran a fairly simple game: WW1 dogfights, based on the Wings of War rules, and hexified (see also a previous game report on this blog on this topic).

The game proved to be succesful. We managed to run a few scenarios, and even had some bystanders join in. This game was supposed to be a dry-run for the Crisis game, and I think the test proved to be ok.

As for the convention itself, there were the usual suspects: all the various Belgian/Dutch gaming clubs, and some shops, selling a limited selection of their goods (at very high prices, sadly enough …). Nevertheless, being the obsessive/compulsive buyer I am, I bought a few things: 2 boardgames, some Pirates boosters, and a figure in the B&B.

The demo games were of a good level. Best game was probably the 80 years war battle by De Alde Garde. There were the usual GW games, but also Flames of War by Murphy’s Heroes, and some alternative fantasy game (Confrontation a.o.).

All in all, a nice and small convention, ideal to catch up with people, but not the major shopping fest that Crisis is.

Comments on this entry

The game did indeed go very well, and I was a bit surprised at the positive attention our old plane models got. Possibly this was because Crusade is mostly a fantasy/sf gaming convention and WWI airplanes are a ‘cool’ subject for this crowd. Whatever the cause, the hex conversion of Wings of War game was a great hit.

On the subject of buying stuff: despite trying very hard to find other things, I only bought two packs of Artizan Carolingians and a few movement trays (home made by the De Witte Ridder guys themselves and sold at ridicilously low prices). I wonder whether I’ll be able to stay within budget equally well at Crisis.

September 7, 2006 9:31 AM - Posted by Robartes