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Wings of War: Hex modifications

August 25, 2006 10:41 PM - Posted by Robartes - Category: Rulesets

Wings of War: Hex modifications

These are the basic modifications we used for our hex based version of Wings of War. Obviously, they lack the principal item — the hex based cards themselves. This is for two reasons:

  • The cards for the small tables are not done yet
  • I’m not sure whether I can publish these cards, copyright wise — but I’ll check.

For now, here’s the few modifications we used:


Movement is done using the new hex based maneuver cards. There are two
sets of cards:

  • A version for small tables (or tables with large hexes)
  • A version for bigger tables

The two versions differ in the single fact that the small table cards
have had the first hex of all movement arrows removed, so in a pinch
the bigger table version can be used for a smaller table by ignoring
the first red (or blue in the case of a Split S) hex.

Planes are always oriented towards hex sides, not vertices.

Firing range

Short range is 3 hexes, long range is 6 hexes.

Firing arc

The firing arc is found by drawing two lines from the center of the
hex out through the vertices left and right of the hex side towards
which the plane is facing. Hexes bisected by this line count as part
of the firing arc.

The firing arc for rear gunners is the same from the rear of the hex,
but excluding the hexes directly behind the plane.

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