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Red Barons

March 6, 2006 3:33 PM - Posted by Phil - Category: Conventions

Saturday March 4 the yearly Red Barons convention took place in Gentbrugge. Schild en Vriend took part with a display of our Arnhem game (see other posts in this blog). Although there were some vague plans of actually playing a game we never really got farther than setting up the boards and putting some units in more or less historical positions. Bart and I mostly chatted with various people, browsed the trade stands and had a good time, all without the stress of actually having to run a game.

There were a few good games going on, some being repeats from Crisis (e.g. the Ancient Naval attack on a Fortress run by La Grande Armee). TSA had an Afriboria game featuring characters from the TinTin novels. Quite original.

There was also a Zombie-game with 3D paper scenery, which was also quite good w.r.t. visual appeal.

Other games were more standard in nature, and of course there were various GW games as well.

As for buying, I got the Commands & Colors Ancient game, 2 blisters with fantasy figures from Chiltern and some trees from Woodland Scenics. Not that I really need these last 2 items, but I felt I had to buy at least something to support the industry ;-)

Nevertheless, I really had to scrounge to find some things I wanted to buy. I’m always eager to spend some money at conventions, but I felt the choices this year were very limited. In my opinion, the RB convention is just above the level at which it becomes interesting to attend as a casual visitor (that is, not being involved in any of the club-games) in the hopes of finding some good items. Now, this may be the fate of any small-scale convention, so let’s see what next year brings.

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I have to agree with you Phil. I had a very hard time finding things to purchase. As an expat living in your country, I feel a certain duty to try and support the local wargaming scene. However, I felt that last year and this year were a bit of a disappointment and Stephen and I wondered if we would be back next year. I personally don’t think Belgium can support two big shows and of course I’m sure it is difficult to get the UK traders over. I feel bad for the Red Barons guys because they obviously love the hobby and want to showcase their group.

March 6, 2006 8:52 PM - Posted by David

Yes - the RB convention is more about catching up with the rest of the Belgian scene, as opposed to Crisis which was wall to wall umpiring this year.

I felt a bit guilty about not playing a game, but with just the two of us there and not many ‘loose’ players — if any — playing a game would be a bit too much of a commitment.

My purchases were back up to my student days standard - I sold 150 euros in figures on the bring and buy (most of them before they even hit the table — hi, Bruce!), so I had quite a lot of money to spent. Here’s what I bought:

  • The WAB Beyond the Golden Gate book. I had actually bought that at Crusade in September, but I forgot it in the hall when packing up.

  • The Wings of War board / card / pseudo miniature game

  • 5 packs of Chiltern Miniatures Carolingians, with the appropriate Little Big Men shield transfers. These will be for this year’s Crisis game (if I get to it with child number two on its way)

  • A pack of Foundry Vikings, again for the Crisis game

  • A baggie of Woodlands Scenics field grass, the popularity of which seemed to surprise the people selling them

March 6, 2006 8:55 PM - Posted by Robartes

I enjoyed the show in a quiet way - but if I go next time it will be to play a game. With so few traders I spent little on impulse purchases and came away having bought the two ACW Cavalry Regiments from Redoubt, along with the dismounts. Since the whole army is now paraded on the worksurface for painting I am quite impressed with the figures. Redoubt and Foundry, with the odd Old Glory gun, seem to work very well together. Following from several conversations that I have had recently, and from a general dissatisfaction with WAB - too many exceptions and special rules and little quirks to remember, I am contemplating going back to 6th Edition as my main rules for Ancient and Medieval. Having read the latest WAB supplements and DBMM the reaction test tables somehow don’t look so daunting as they used to. Unless of course the PoW Ancients rules provide the antidote. Cheers Graham K

March 9, 2006 4:37 PM - Posted by Graham K


Since there were only 5 copies of the C&C Ancients game and you and I have got one, we only have to track down three more…

It was difficult to find something to buy, so I acquired (another…) 15mm ACW paddlesteamer from OG (to convert to 28mm “Major General style”). That’s about it…


March 9, 2006 10:24 PM - Posted by Rudi

Yep, more of an occasion to see people and play a quick game, than to buy. Only spend 50 euros or so, most of it on odds and ends - some 15mm bits from various companies I’d been looking for and thought too expensive to mail order, some WS grass and bushes, some WWII 20mm Fantassin Finns (hopefully the start of a new project).

March 10, 2006 9:56 AM - Posted by Koen