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WW2 Choices

January 9, 2005 9:34 PM - Posted by Alan - Category: Feeding the habit

Readers will know that we Bart and I are very keen on Blitzkrieg Commander, after two successful games. Both were tactically interesting, fast to play and with some funny moments. What more do you want?

The problem is that it seems to work best in a small scale. This is not a problem, actually, but good sense. For the price of one tank in 15mm (5 pounds or 8 euros) you can buy about 15 little 1:300 beasts. I’m quite fond of my 15mm 1940 material, so I’ll hang onto them and play PBI 2 or something with them.

I will sell my 1944 British (anyone interested? 40 or so infantry, 6 Cromwells, 2 Challengers, 2 Stuarts, 1 17iber with tow, 2 6lbers, 1 Daimler a/c). Nicely painted and based (of course ;)

So for 6mm or 1:300. Kurt has gone berserk and ordered some GHQ Yanks. A slightly eccentric choice (sorry, Dave). But interesting. He will have, of course, to be encouraged to get some 1944 Boche as well as an opponent.

Bart has reclaimed his desert stuff and is desperate to do 1940.

I am torn between all these things and also Russia 1941-43…

So, thoughts?

  • It seems a bit daft to do 1940 in both 6mm and 15mm.

  • The desert war is an interesting theatre, could maybe do O’Connor and the Italians, ie the fun before the beastly Rommel came along and spoiled things

  • If I sell my 15mm 1944, then that might also be an option, as the Brit stuff is quite fun at this stage and there are plenty of interesting actions. And in 6mm we can play in a big scale

Comments? Inspiration?

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you disappoint me - it is never a daft idea to have the same armies in different scales. In fact, it might well be the sign of the true addict / wargamer :)

The pre-German period in the Desert War is indeed fun (and I have some Italians in my collection-to-recuperate): you get to play around with British cruiser tanks of various degrees of clunkiness (A9, A10 and A13), and there are some very interesting actions to play (notably the Italian retreat across Libya culminating in the Beda Fomm encounter).

Late war British appeal to me only after the breakout of Normandy - Epsom and Goodwood are too much of a tank slugfest for my tastes. But the later actions in Southern Holland are indeed very interesting. Those would be my choice in your situation.

January 10, 2005 12:56 PM - Posted by Robartes

‘tis already a done deal. Alan is now the proud owner of more 1944 1/300 than he thought he would have at this point in time and I have lots of space in my loft. I on the other hand am the proud owner of the Welsh Guards Armoured Recce group in 15mm and jolly nice they are too! I intend to maintain only 2 scales for WW2- the 15mm Early and Mid -war and the 1/200th US/German 1944 set-up that I have had for a long time now. I intend to buy some more 1/200 Russian stuff to go with it, probably for the later war period. I too could be tempted back into the Western Desert in 1/300th since certainly the 1941/42 battles are very interesting and are centred more on the tank actions. I believe that BkC might be the ideal set of rules for this. Graham K

January 19, 2005 4:47 PM - Posted by Graham K

I broke down and ordered Blitzkrieg Commander since you lot were raving about it. I want it for North Africa. Now my big question is, do I stick with 15mm or go down a scale to 10mm (I won’t do 1/300 again I’m afraid). I want to keep this outlay smaller than my European stuff, since I will also have to invest in new terrain as well.

January 20, 2005 7:58 AM - Posted by David Black

David It depends upon what you think the Western Desert war is. If you want to go fighting the infantry assaults then 15mm. If you want to manouvre the tanks then 1/200 scale is reasonable. For me the Desert war is the grand sweeps, and the tank actions, for the most part therefore the infantry is secondary. I would go for 1/200 th everytime, providing that I could find some good enough infantry models. BkC in 1/300 would also work because the infantry exists. the idea of a platoon/troop can be created by mounting 2 or three tanks on a base. That is my one crib about the system, for the 1944 Brits the mixed troops of tanks are already factored in. Ie a Cromwell unit already includes a Challenger. This does not seem to work the same way for Sherman units which seem weaker, but have to option for separate Firefly Units.

Cheers Graham

January 20, 2005 3:47 PM - Posted by Graham K


BV has 6mm desert war figures, so why not stick to that scale? We can then have huge, huge battles.

Do you want to try it out sometime? BV, Kurt and myself are playing on Friday evening in Darkest Tremelo. If you don’t mind a 40 minute drivem you’re welcome to join.

January 20, 2005 7:28 PM - Posted by Alan

Graham & Alan, I was going towards 10mm (and Perrin has all the inf, command, support, and arty crew for NA!) simply because I find 6mm too small for me. I like the heft of the bigger figures. However, given Bart’s stuff it may make more sense to go 6mm as well. Fridays are hard for me, my eldest son has football so I’m usually not free to leave the house before 2030. Oh, the joys of having young children. I can’t wait until I’m free in about 8 years. David

January 21, 2005 7:56 AM - Posted by David Black

David I too have a preference these days. I shall most likely end up in Sicily/ Italy as I like the idea of more closely combining the allies. It also gives me the excuse for buying some more 10mm buildings that can be used for the Napoleonic 15mm north italy games I am planning. Were you talking about the UK or the US end of Perrin? Graham

January 24, 2005 3:06 PM - Posted by Graham K