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The Prussian Empire Strikes Back

October 21, 2004 6:39 PM - Posted by Alan - Category: Campaigns

I was bored this morning, wondering again why I tolerate sitting through a meeting that is patently of no interest to anyone. Sometimes I feel like interrupting the Satre-esque proceedings with the question, “why are you all here?” I felt like it, but again chickened out.

Instead, I started to map out a scenario for an alternative 1940. Actually, I didn’t map but wrote, because I was sitting next to my boss and decided not to draw attention by drawing little rivers and trees and mountains.

So what did I come up with? Basically the setting for a solo campaign, starting with a bold and powerful Prussian Empire, who will be powerful and strict but not nasty or nazi, thus removing that slightly uncomfortable aspect of WW2 gaming. They have their greedy eyes on the rich but feeble, and last re;aining free continental power, Platteland (ie Dutch types - why because I foolishly bought and painted masses of Dutch 1940 figs last year and I want to use them on the table). Across the sea lies noble Albion, about to suffer a general election upset and the coming to power of a new government who, I sincerely hope, will go to war with the Prusskies. A continent way, separated by sea, is the workers paradise of Rusland, whose agents are interfering splendidly in the Albion province of Rhum, where strikes are rife.

Well that’s the setting. I think I will keep a campaign diary, with big events described and occasional decisions made, perhaps resorting to a percentage die roll (two D10s - one for the tens and one for the ones). Or maybe I’ll ask you guy to vote.

Then there will be the tabletop battles. I have a nice 1940 collection of Brits, Germans (I mean Prussians) and Dutch (you know what I mean). Some I’ll do solo. Maybe. That way I can also test out my new terrain that I’m making. Others I’ll use as the basis for scenarios for the group.

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. If Steve is reading then he will spot the Lone Warrior influence. LW is the journal of the Solo Wargamers Association, of which Steve was once the revered and honourable Big Cheese. I have some back issues of the magazine, with great ideas for this type of solo campaign.

So watch out for the first conflict, a German incursion into the wooded borderlands (I know they’re wooded because I just made two woods) where they will meet heavy Dutch resistance.

And in the meantime, what will be the general election result be. Goshm it’s so exciting.

Comments on this entry

I always knew that meetings at the European Commission would be as interesting as those at the Belgian state (I speak from experience on that last one).

This sounds very interesting - I can’t wait to find out where this alternate history jaunt will take you (and us, I presume :) ).

October 21, 2004 9:54 PM - Posted by Robartes