WAB Escalation Campaign :: Turn 1

Schild en Vriend is organising an escalation campaign using WAB ancients armies. This is the page for turn 4 of that campaign.


Turn 3 sees the armies fighting over the region of SCANDIA:



These are the battles fought over Scandia in turn 4.

Battle Civilisation Barbarian Result
1 Granadines (DB) Trojans (GW)
2 Saxons (AH) Celts (BV)
3 Belisarians (BR) Sassanians (JP)
4 Han Chinese (SS) Romans (FvB)

Player rankings during turn 4

Player Army Side Voting body Votes Prestige points Victorious battles
David Black Granadines Civilisation Senate 3 4 Stopped Saxon invasion of Istria. Defeated a Roman incursion in Corcyra.
Alan Huyton Saxons Civilisation Senate 1 0
Graham Knight Macedonians Barbarian Rat 1 0
JP Ollivier Sassanid Persians Barbarian Rat 4 6 Stopped an incursion by Macedonians. Threw a Roman army out of the Messan hills. Ditto for Saxons in Corcyra.
Bruce Rogers Belisarians Civilisation Senate 3 5 Scared a Saxon army out of Messa. Headed off a Celtic invasion of Corcyra.
Filip van Boxelaer Roman Barbarian Rat 1 0
Bart Vetters Celts Barbarian Rat 1 4 Threw a Roman army out of Istria. Conquered eastern Messa.
Graham Willmott Trojans Barbarian Rat 1 3 Sent Macedonians scampering from Messa
Stefan Schulz Han Chinese Civilisation Senate 2 2 Threw Macedonians out of Corcyra.
Wim Vandenberghe Greeks Civilisation Senate 2 2 Threw Trojans out of Corcyra