WAB Escalation Campaign :: Turn 1

Schild en Vriend is organising an escalation campaign using WAB ancients armies. This is the page for turn 2 of that campaign.


Turn 2 sees the armies fighting over the region of MESSA:



These are the battles fought over Messa in turn 2.

Battle Civilisation Barbarian Result
1 Chinese/SRB (SS) Celts (BV) Celts win
2 Romans (FvB) Sassanids (JP) Sassanids win
3 Macedonians (GK) Trojans (GW) Trojans win
4 Belisarians (BR) Saxons (AH) Belisarians win.

Player rankings during turn 2

This turn sees the introduction of a new player -- Stefan Schulz is playing with Han Chinese on the civilisation side.

Turn 2 also sees the first armes switching sides -- after two losses fighting under the banners of civilisation, the Macedonian army will lend its strength to the Barbarian side. Equally, the Roman army will now fight for the Barbarian side. Finally, the Saxon army makes the switch in the other direction, joining the Civilisation side.

Player Army Side Voting body Votes Prestige points Victorious battles
David Black Granadines Civilisation Senate 2 2 Stopped Saxon invasion of Istria
Alan Huyton Saxons Civilisation Senate 1 0
Graham Knight Macedonians Barbarian Rat 1 0
JP Ollivier Sassanid Persians Barbarian Rat 3 4 Stopped an incursion by Macedonians. Threw a Roman army out of the Messan hills.
Bruce Rogers Belisarians Civilisation Senate 2 3 Scared a Saxon army out of Messa.
Filip van Boxelaer Roman Barbarian Rat 1 0
Bart Vetters Celts Barbarian Rat 3 4 Threw a Roman army out of Istria. Conquered eastern Messa.
Graham Willmott Trojans Barbarian Rat 2 3 Sent Macedonians scampering from Messa
Stefan Schulz Han Chinese Civilisation Senate 1 0