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Schild & Vriend

'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.

Raid on Zeebrugge

St. George's Day, 23 April 1918
Extra Pictures

We took the Zeebrugge game also to the Red Barons convention during the Spring of 2003. The pictures on this page were shot during that convention, so the overall setup might be a bit different from the original game. The pictures are not enhanced by all sorts of special effects.

Overview of the game

Close-up of the scenery.

Overview of the game.

The beaches.

The lighthouse at the end of the mole.

Tank action in the village.

Overview of the game.

Phil is looking very seriously ...

British landing vessels.

Alan and Phil are discussing the game

Action at the mole.

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