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Schild & Vriend

'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.


Schild en Vriend links
Companies: miniatures and rules

These are links to several miniature manufacturers and/or rules publishers, mostly those whose figures and rules we use at Schild en Vriend.

The Foundry

Probably the best 25-28 mm figures around. Extensive site with pictures of most Foundry figures. There are even pictures of one of our clubmembers' figures on there somewhere.

Gripping Beast

Excellent 25-28 mm Dark Age miniatures. They have Saxons, Vikings, Celts, Normans, Crusaders, Moors and an extensive livestock and scenery range. Recommended.

Peter Pig

15mm figures for several different periods.

Essex Miniatures

15mm and 25mm figures for just about any period you can think of.


Printed card scenery, including rivers and roads, and some of the best 6mm fields ever. Go visit - highly recommended.


A painting service, run by Tony Barr.

Harlequin Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures




Publishers of Fantasy Rules! (currently in its' second edition), Days of Knights, Le Petit Empereur and Age of Gunpowder

Firebase Games

Publishers of Grey Storm, Red Steel, Free fire zone and Overlord

Armchair Generals

Publisher of First Watch and Bomber Watch



Manufacturer of one of our favourite terrain systems. Pictures of their terrain and accessories can be found all over this site.

POP Enterprises

Superbly illustrated home of the "Battlestructures" scenery buildings range, as well as second hand wargaming and roleplaying material. They also sell a selection of Foundry miniatures.


UK manufacturer of resin scenery in all scales. Highly recommended (some of the miniature buildings seen on this site are Hovels).

Miniature World Maker

Castle Works co.

Realistic Modelling Services


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