Picture Gallery DBM tournament Kortrijk 2000

My last opponent is Eric Buyck. He has a Psiloi army and for variety combined with more psiloi and auxilia. Eric, first puts down some steep hills, and in this picture you see his initial deployment.
Ok, so I need to get my phalanx attack formation into his auxilia ally. Unfortunately, my phalanx isn't facing the auxilia, but they are quite near, so I think it's feasable. However his auxilia are facing a couple of my auxilia and psiloi. First turn, he starts and he charges down the hills and closes the distance... uh oh. I didn't see that one coming. My horses are positioned on my right flank, hoping to possibly get around the woods and outflank him. That was exactly his idea too and 2 of his 4 commands are put in such a position so he can get into my right flank. Furthermore, I need some light horse over at my left flank, where my ally is. So, my sub-general positions himself in the middle of the battlefield behind my line, so he can barely see half of his forces at the 2 ends of the battleline. While he's doing that, a gap is created in my lines, and he has to stop the opponent from getting through!

Eric's light horse outflanking my ally on the left side of the battlefield.

One of Eric's baggage elements in close-up.

some of his psiloi, looking impressive in the back.

In the end, my ally broke his right wing and time was called. But my right wing was about to get swarmed!

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