Picture Gallery DBM tournament Kortrijk 2000

My third opponent, Christian Guillaume, has a Cavalry(S)-Cavalry(O)-Light Horse(S) army with a camelry ally. I'm invading him, so no difficult terrain allowed, and the cavalry reigns the battlefield.

As you can see I don't want the same situation as last game, to happen again, so I deploy my phalanx in attack formation and aim it on the baggage. Unfortunately the baggage is too far away, and the phalanx to easily stopped with some light horse and some psiloi. My ally, bow(X) marched bravely next to my pikes, while my third command with the Light Horse and dificult terrain troops covered my left flank. The light horse, advanced first and let followed that maneuver with a giant retreat wheel.

Again the commander should probably be hanged. When the retreat wheel is basically at the end, I can only stand and fight. I don't win enough time for my phalanx to get into the baggage and my left wing, gets destroyed.
Defeat followed quickly after that...

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