Picture Gallery DBM tournament Kortrijk 2000

My second game's opponent has a Cavalry(S) with Light Horse(S) army. As you can see on the picture my steep hills are all in the upper right corner, so his horses are free to go where they want. *sigh* So I decide to put a defensive box down... not very agressive I know... My pikes in a double line from the edge of the forest, my bowmen, next to it, my ally with Bow(X) covering the left flank, put up a defensive position. My third command with the cavalry and skirmishers are held in reserve.

To my surprise his ally are auxilia and he runs straight towards my Bowmen in the center! I quickly experience the disadvantage of my setup. I can't move. In a small effort to do something about my bad situation, I try to wheel my left flank around so I could shoot some things. Thus exposing my flank, where his cavalry tries to get through. I sent half of my cavalry to meet them, which you can see in this picture. You see my elephant in an awkward position, but it turns out, he blocks the cavalry for the rest of the game.

In this picture you see how his auxilia broke through the center and are facing my reserve cavalry now. You can see the whole in my lines where my brave, but not so able, bowmen once stood. (It's probably the commanders fault, but hey, he's writing this thing :)

Another look on the left flank, still holding out, while the center has collapsed... The game ended, with my opponent rolling up my left wing...

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