Picture Gallery DBM tournament Kortrijk 2000

My Graecko-Indians with Indian Ally take the Picts head to head. A perhaps promising battle for me. Actually all battles look great to me, however I've never won a DBM game in my life.

As you can see, the battlefield had a couple of steep hills, I deployed my cavalry command to the right, where I could possible outflank my opponent around the hill. The difficult terrain part of that same command, could take on the hill. Unfortunately for me, he had the same idea, only had more difficult terrain troops but fewer mounted.

As it turned out, his flank march appeared on the first possible occasion and I lost my mounted superiority. The Light Horse thought it to be a wise decision to retreat to the other side of the hill and form a defensive line. Unfortunately some fast Light Horse, got caught between the 2 advancing lines and died heroic (and completely unnecessary).

Meanwhile my Indian ally consisting of Bow(X) and 2 elephants, marched up on the left flank to meet the Picts ally. On this picture you see in the distance how my Pikecommand had advanced too, but the gap between the two was dangerously big. Both of my ally's flanks are each covered by one superior elephant, which my opponent tried to attack in the flank with some auxilia. In the end my Bows shot him to pieces and his command broke. A very healthy performance of my ally, which couldn't be said of his.

My center command marched bravely on and hoped to chew through his auxilia facing them. However my flanks would be very hard to cover...

They kept closing in but some pesky psiloi managed to hold them up for a long time. Too long, time was called and they didn't make it. My right flank held out, so the result was a draw, me demoralising one of his commands, while mine remained in good shape.
(Note: you see my CinC is happily leading from behind the wall of pikes, covering the back of course)

A very enjoyable first game and I was already doing better than last year!

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