The Game, as played anno 2001

The Arabs flee ...

It was decided at this point that the Arabs would flee the battlefield: The FFL had broken through one bridge, and the Arab offense on the other fronts was not succeeding and was meeting heavy resistance. A clear French victory!

The final stage of the ShamBattle


Shambattle is of course not a simulation, it is a simple game for boys. In order to turn it into a 'real' wargame, where tactics are a bit more important than sheer luck, several things have to be modified:

Overall, ShamBattle is a lot of fun. My only aim was to 'experience wargaming' as it was played by boys in 1929. Nothing more, nothing less. I doubt I will ever play it again, since its scope is very limited for the more 'serious' wargamer. I think it could serve as a fun game at conventions, or even a good intro game for your 8-year old son, exactly as the original authors of ShamBattle intended!!!

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