The Game, as played anno 2001

The initial Arab attack!

The Arab force immediatly started crossing the middle bridge, in an attempt to eliminate the French machinegun guarding the passage. This failed, but meanwhile, the Arab infantry was moving closer to the river, ready to cross.

Arab Horsemen are crossing the bridge

The opposition at the other side of the river, a strong force of French rifle troops, was targeted by the Arab cannon. However, the die didn't produce a 1, so no damage was done.

The cannon template in action

The French counterattack

The French started to charge across the bridge leading to Redville, and eliminated the camelriders that came charging across. The gallant officer leading the charge was partially wounded though, and was now in need of a medic to escort him from the battlefield!

The French officer is lying down, to indicate he's partially wounded. A hospital with two medics is nearby.

The first French cannon shot was aimed at the Arab cavalry trying to cross the river, but apparantly the crew was still sleeping, since they failed to hit anything.

Arab horsemen are targeted by French artillery.

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