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Schild & Vriend

'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.

Schild en Vriend Scenarios
ACW: The struggle for Thompson's bridge



June 1864. General Sherman is still moving in on Atlanta with his army (about 99.000 strong). Opposing him is General Johnston (60.000 strong). Johnston has positioned himself at Filler's Branch, a river crossing covered by dense woods. Knowing a frontal attack would be near impossible, Sherman is looking for options….

Union orders

Union SoldierTo Major William H.B. Smith, 8th Regiment of Ohio.

You are to command your A and B company on a scouting mission. Reports are that on our far left flank there is a good bridge which could be used for an outflanking maneuver by our troops. That way we can avoid Fillers Branch where Johnston is waiting for us. You are to find, take control of and hold the bridge against any Confederate attacks.

Colonel Ambrose Fleetwood

Commander of the 8th Regiment of Ohio


Confederate orders

Confederate SoldierTo Major Wally K.L.M. Sherridan, 3rd Regiment of Virginia

You are to command your C and D company on a scouting mission. Reports are that on our far right flank there is a good bridge which could be used for an outflanking maneuver by Sherman's troops. This has to be prevented at all costs. You are to find, take control of and hold the bridge against any Union attacks. A group of engineers will try to blow up the bridge as soon as you have taken control of the area.

Colonel Theodore Beaumonde

Commander of the 3rd Regiment of Virginia


The Troops

The Union

Commander: Major William H.B. Smith

A Company, "The New Garden Spartan Band" commanded by Captain Richard 'Smoking Gun' Franklin

1st squadSergeant Ambrose 'Stiff' Jenkins
2nd squadSergeant Kirby 'Moose' Daniels
3rd squadSergeant Heinz 'Schnitzel' von Trappsfliegel
4th squadSergeant Morton 'Mo' McKinnely

B Company, "The Kopeman Fearnoughts" commanded by Captain Harry 'Kopeman' McDowell

1st squadSergeant Herbert 'Herb' Vandersijpe
2nd squadSergeant John 'Burning' Flame
3rd squadSergeant Chandler 'Charge' Burnside
4th squadSergeant Daniel 'Dicky' Sanders

The Confederacy

Commander: Major Wally K.L.M. Sherridan

C Company, "The Virginia Not So Virgins" commanded by Captain Billy Jo Bob 'Bobby' Fontenoy

1st squadSergeant William H.A. 'Whammy' Milders
2nd squadSergeant Jeff Robert 'Little' Steward
3rd squadSergeant Bernard Ewill 'Booger' Bee
4th squadSergeant Francis 'Fire' Bartow

D Company, "The Tree Fingers Company" commanded by Captain Nathan H. 'Bush' Evans

1st squadSergeant Israel 'Fighting Bob' Tyler
2nd squadSergeant John 'Mac' McLean
3rd squadSergeant Vernon Isaac 'Bullet' Bonewinder
4th squadSergeant Daniel 'Killing Duck' Hanesworth

The Rules

The scenario is simple and straightforward, but leaves enough room for a large scale of battle options (will I go for the offence or defence, will I try to cross the ford and hit his entering squads as soon as possible or will I concentrate on the bridge etc.) For this battle we used the excellent Brother against Brother rules, with the following scenario additions.

  • All troops start with their guns unloaded.

  • Instead of throwing all the troops on the battlefield in turn one, only the first Union and Confederate companies get on table entering from their roads in the West. The orders for these companies have to be written down in advance and they can only be altered by their Major, who unfortunately is hanging out with the second company at the start of the game. The Major has to get within 6 inch of the Captain to get his orders across.

  • In later turns, the following schedule of arrival is used:

    • On turn 2 nobody gets on table.
    • On turn 3 a squad of the second company arrives unless a 7+ is rolled on a D10. In this case the squad has encountered some difficulties on the road and decided their friends can handle the job for the moment. On a roll of 1-6 the squad can enter the table. This is repeated every turn till all squads are on table.

  • A roll of a D4 determines which squad of the respective second companies the Major accompanies.

The objective of the game is to take control of the bridge (see map below).

The Map

The terrain is divided by a stream. There are two places where troops are able to cross the river. The first is of course the bridge itself, the second is a fordable area on the far right (the open area between the two small forests). Both sides enter on their respective roads on the far right of the map.


The game map


The terrain provides various sorts of useful cover including trees, hedges, houses, fields and small walls.


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