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'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.


Schild & Vriend scenarios
Grassus in Germany


This is a series of scenarios pitting Early Imperial Roman troops against Early Germans in a campaign across the Rhine in the 1st century AD. The scenarios are presented here in a chronological series, but are not linked together so that they can be played as single scenarios. Most of the scenarios are based on those from the two books mentioned on our scenario design page.

Although all of these scenarios are written for a certain ruleset (DBM or Armati), there is nothing preventing you from playing them using a different ruleset, and converting troop types and stats to other rulesets is usually quite simple.

The scenarios can be played with or without an umpire, although having one is certainly recommended for the first two, and they are suitable for play with multiple players per side. All scenarios in this series consist of an introduction page, Roman and German briefing pages to be handed out to the respective player(s) and a page of umpire notes.

The scenarios

There are currently three scenarios in this series:

The cast

Or: just who is this Grassus anyway? Well, Bartholomeus Sinister Grassus is the commander of one of our club member's Early Imperial Roman army, having fought several tens of battles with it (and dying in most of them :) ). Hence, it was no more than normal than to name this series of scenarios after him...

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