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'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.


The glorious past
Games played in 1998

Games played January 1998 to December 1998:

Date 1998PeriodRulesHostNotes - Results
January 6Old West 25mmShootistMaarten 
January 13Colonial 20mmUnder a Distant SunBartThe berbers slashed the FFL
January 20ACW skirmishBrother against BrotherPhilThe Confederates won the game
January 27Napoleonic 20mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhilBritish seized the initiative before the French
February 3Fantasy 25mmFantasy Rules!PhilOrcs vs something else
February 7Space CombatFull ThrustMaartenYet another Death Star blown up... They really should make these things more rebel-proof
February 10Space CombatFull ThrustMaarten 
February 17NavalMan O WarMaarten 
February 24AquanautsModified Full ThrustPhilFull speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!
March 10WW2 20mmCrossFireBartBritish paras held their bridgehead securely
March 17Napoleonics 20mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhilStart-up of the Peninsular Campaign
March 24WW2 20mmCrossFireBart 
April 28ACW 20mmBrother vs BrotherBart D. 
May 12WW2 20mmRapid FireFrank 
May 19Fantasy 25mmFantasy Rules!PhilEgyptian vs Ratmen
May 26WW1 DogfightsParagon + house rulesBart 
June 2ACW 20mmBrother vs BrotherBart D.Defending a village is not always as easy as it seems...
June 9WW2 1/300SpearheadBartBritish and German wrestled each other to a draw...
June 16WW2 20mmRapid FireFrank
The Germans got away with half of the art treasures.
June 23Science Fiction Space CombatFull ThrustBartStart of the Human - Xirin war
The Morgenes didn't make it off-table, but the Xirin task force that destroyed it got seriously mauled in the process.
June 30AncientsDBMAlan HuytonThe village of Ghandi's End, on the river Hottenspicey, speaks Greek from now on (with a Spartan accent).
July 7Old WestShootistBartDeadwood city reared its' head again.
July 14ACWBrother vs. BrotherBart D.McPheerson's Ridge is now "Yankee Hunter"-free
July 28Space combatFull ThrustBartSafe flying speed was exceeded by several contestants. They're still wandering out in space somewhere.
August 4NapoleonicPlayable Napoleonic WargamesBartGame to familiarize campaign participants with the rules.
August 11Space CombatFull ThrustBart D.Yet another human carrier is a flaming wreck - they should build these things a lot stronger.
August 18WWI AirModified ParagonBartJagdgeschwader von Krummbein rules the skies - for now.
August 25WWII 20 mmRapid FireBartThe allies crossed the Maas at Maastricht.
September 15Napoleonic CampaignPlayable Napoleonic WargamesBartBattle for Corunna: French II Corps brushed aside British Light Division. Light Division retreats with heavy losses.
September 22Ancients 15mmDBMBart
This game saw a Roman invasion of India going almost horribly wrong. As it was, the Romans hung on with a toenail and managed to win after all.
September 29Old WestShootistBart D.The sheriff of Deadwood upon the Lake posthumuously fullfilled his victory conditions.
October 31Darkest AfricaWargames IllustratedSchild & VriendCrisis '98: For a few tusks more. Photos expected soon.
November 3AncientsDBAAlanMini campaign. The Spartans ensured that the world no longer had to drink the vile concoction the Ollians insisted on calling beer.
November 10WWII 20 mmRapid FireFrankThe Germans captured the bridge, but were swept away again by the Russian reserve forces.
November 17Napoleonic campaignPNWBartSecond campaign battle: the French were bloodily repulsed at Huevas Fritas, before Madrid.
November 24Space combatFull ThrustBart D.Human-Xirin wars: a Xirin prototype battleship escaped relatively unscathed, but important war plans were captured by the valiant Human forces.
December 1Darkest AfricaWI + houserulesBart D.An innocent lady was eaten...
December 8WWII 1/300 Western DesertTAC:WWIIMaartenGermans attacked a British held village. We played this game with seperate overall and field commanders.
December 15Ancients 15mmArmatiAlanThe Romans forced a river crossing using a classic Arbela maneuvre. In the hoplite vs. hoplite battle, amazingly the hoplites won twice.
December 22WWI AirParagon + houserulesBart VThe British artillery battery got bombed by a plane consisting of two square centimeters of canvas and a single piece of string (that's about what was left of it).
December 291/1200 Napoleonic NavalHoist the signal
for close action
Bart D.This ended in a draw of the Island of Brinthë

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