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Schild & Vriend

'Schild en Vriend' is an old Flemish battlecry, used in the rebellion of the city of Brugge against the French, May 18, 1302. Legend tells that it was used to differentiate between the French-speaking (who could not pronounce 'schild') and Flemish-speaking citizens. Nowadays, historians tell us that it was probably 'Des Gilden Vriend'.

The glorious past ...

Below is a log of the games we played in 1997:

PeriodRulesHostNotes - Results
March 18WW1 Dogfights 1/144Paragon Aerial Dogfight Rules 1916-1918Bart
March 25Fantasy 25mmHordes of the ThingsPhilUndead vs Lizards (24 pts each)
April 8Renaissance naval warfareMan 'O War (no fantasy!)Phil'Convoy'
April 15Spaceship combatFull ThrustDavid'Going for Regnix' (Space Saga I)
April 22Napoleonic 20 mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhil'The Important Bridge'
May 1WW 2 1/300SpearheadBartNorth-African Desert - The British beat the Germans with a single molotov cocktail in the last turn!
May 6Old West 25mmWarpaintBart'Just Another Day in Deadwood'
May 13Fantasy 25mmHordes of the ThingsPhilUndead vs Lizards (24 / 48 pts)
May 20Zulu Colonial War 20mmPrinciples of WarPhilcheap unpainted Airfix figs (playtesting)
May 27Spaceship CombatFull ThrustPhil'The Gorn Ambush' (Space Saga II)
June 10WW 2 20mmRapid FireDavidGermany vs US
June 17WW1 Dogfights 1/144Paragon Aerial Dogfight Rules 1916-1918Bartplaytesting the new manoeuvring system
June 24Colonial Wars 20mmSons of the DesertPhilcheap unpainted Airfix figs (playtesting)
July 1Ancients 25mmDBABartRomans vs Gallic
July 8Spaceship CombatFull ThrustPhil'Escape from Segonis IV' (Space Saga III)
July 15SF 1/300Dirtside 2PhilPlaytesting
July 21Fantasy 25mmTe Wapen!Philall-day battle, siege of the Aztec-temple
July 29Naval WarfareMan 'O WarMaartenstart-up of the narrative campaign
August 5Star Wars 15mmHouse rulesMaartenMicromachines 15 mm figures
August 19Napoleonic 20mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhil'Rear Guard' - All cavalry of the Franch routed in a single turn!
August 26Colonial 20mmMarch or DieBart'Merde, ou-est l'ammunition?'
September 2ACW 20mmFire and SteelPhilACW skirmish
September 9WW2 1/300TAC WW2Bartplaytesting
September 16Napoleonic 20 mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhil'Fighting across the river' - The British surrendered
September 23WW2 1/300TAC WW2Bart'Sauna anyone?' - Moral victory for the British. We played this game with full HQ !
September 30SF 25mmSciFi ShootistPhil'Down on Segonis I' (Space Saga IV)
October 4WW2 1/300TAC WW2BartMonthly Historical Gathering
October 7WW1 DogfightsDogfight over FlandersPhil
October 14Naval WarfareMan 'O WarMaartenThe secret convoy got away, but coastal fortresses were captured
October 21Modern NavalProbSubPhil1 USA Sub vs 1 Soviet Sub - Did anything happen in this game?
October 28Colonial 20 mmUnder a distant SunBartBillions or berbers bit the dust (playtesting)
November 4Old West 25mmShootistBart Phil Maartentrying out some stuff for Crisis'97
November 11Napoleonic 20mmPlayable Napoleonic WargamesPhil'Reinforcements in Defence' - The British still held the hills
November 18Spaceship combatFull ThrustPhil'Space-Born Aliens' (Space Saga V) - The aliens were blown to smithereens
November 25Fantasy 25mmFantasy Rules!PhilMiddenheim Bataelge vs Demonic Hordes (Demonic Hordes swiped the Middenheimers)
November 29Old West 25mmShootistBart Phil MaartenCrisis '97 in Antwerp
December 2Fantasy 25 mmFantasy Rules!PhilMiddenheim Force vs Undead Horde - Marginal victory for the undead
December 6Arthurian 25mmTAPBartThe Arthurian Project
December 9Modern NavalProbSubPhilWho shot the fish?
December 16Star Wars 15mmStar Wars ShootistMaartenEscape from Mos Eisley
December 23ACW 20mmBrother against BrotherPhilThe Confederates Skeedaddled!
December 30WW1 DogfightsParagon Aerial Combat RulesBart

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