Picture Gallery Full Thrust

The pictures below were taken during a Full Thrust game. The spaceship miniatures are mostly Irregular Miniatures, with a few AOG Babylon 5 and RAFM Silent Death miniatures thrown in as well. The 'terrain' consists of two felt Starscape mats from GeoHex

All figures and scenery from the collections of Bart Vetters and Philip Dutré.

The obligatory overview. Barely visible are the asteroid fields in fore- and midground and New Vilnius and NV-2 in the distance. The orange planet on the right is NV-3. There are some ships in there, but they are well camouflaged (-:.

Three Ice Falcon raiders sweep out of an asteroid field in a textbook attack on a hapless Warthog heavy cruiser.

408 Fleet section poses in happier days. Visible are the flagship BB-408 Rovannion, strike cruisers CLK-412 Sidhe and CLK-414 Morannion, two Speke class destroyers and a Burton class AA-frigate. Seeking safety under 408's wings are the carrier Morgenes and the bulk freighter Brixton-X, while two Unicorn interceptor fighter groups fly CAP.

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