Picture Gallery Old West, being the second part of two

These pictures were taken during an Old West game with the Shootist rules. The figures are all Guernsey Foundry and the buildings are Hovels and scratch-built by Frank Vleugels. All figures and scenery from the collections of Bart Vetters and Frank Vleugels.

Thanks to Tim Peterson from the Foundry page for improving the pictures tremendously.

An aerial shot of Deadwood-upon-the-lake, a small hamlet close to Deadwood City itself.

Cool Hand Luke and Dusty Gibbons are about to decide once and for all just who is the fastest gun in town, while (dyslexic) sheriff Bull Logan sees to it they keep it a fair fight.

Some of the villagers in their usual routine. Doc Brown is trying to sell Mustang Sally his latest wonder concoction, while sheriff Logan keeps an eye on the rest of the village.

In front of his place of office (the Second Reformed Gunnery Church), Hellfire Logan uses his entire arsenal to bring in new believers. The gunman in the lower left is utterly unimpressed though, and - not being hindered by any form of honour - prepares to shoot the preacher in the back.

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