Picture Gallery WW2 1/300th Western Desert

These pictures were taken during a World War 2 Spearhead game, using 1/300th and 1/285th scale miniatures. Most infantry in use is from the 'parade ground' GHQ variety, hence to somewhat unrealistic look of some of the infantry units.

All figures, scenery and terrain are from the collection of Bart Vetters. Figures are from GHQ, Heroics & Ros and Irregular. All scenery that is not scratch-built is from Hovels.

A general overview of the battlefield. In case you're wondering, those red flags marked victory objectives, and yes, I did try to stuff as many terrain features as possible into what usually is a featureless desert. Geographical realism? Hah! :-)

A closer view of the oasis / mud pool and river, another prime example of realistic desert terrain features.

A close-up of the village that was to be the subject of very heavy fighting between Germans and Brits.

The Coldstream Guards, having left their trucks earlier in the game, foot-slog their way across a ford.

A heavily reinforced German rifle battalion is caught in the open by British defenders on a hill. Massed British tanks begin their flanking attacks on the German infantry, although one of the tanks on the right has already felt the effect of an 88mm behind the German infantry. Many more were to follow...

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