Picture Gallery Fantasy Rules!

These pictures were taken during a Fantasy Rules! game between ratmen and Egyptian tinted undead, fought in the Valley of the Kings. The ratmen were out to break into the King's tomb and steal the gold reputedly hidden therein.

All figures and scenery are from the collection of Phil Dutré. The Egyptian scenery are resin items from Grendel. The terrain was scratch-built by Bart Vetters.

A general overview of the battle. The ratmen's legions come marching on in the distance, aiming for the ford between the two obelisks. A planar gate in front of the tomb has spawned a rather uninviting looking uhmm thing (actually a Great Race of Yith monster from the Call of Cthulhu universe). Domi and Brendan are meditating on the correct tactics to use.

The undead battle line. The 'Old Guard' of mummies has taken up position in front of the entrance to the Pharao's tomb, while the lowly skeletons' line, shored up by a sphinx and some crocodiles awaits the ratmen attack behind the river. In the left distance, skeleton bowmen prepare to ward off any flanking attacks.

A closer view of the Pharao's tomb, with the Old Guard mummies in front.

Ratmen meet a nature spirit in the mud pool. The hippo spirit's actual name actually was "Thoueris", but was quickly renamed "Lady Fat-*rse" by the ratmen commanders.

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