Picture Gallery Crisis 98

These pictures were taken during Crisis 98, a miniature wargaming convention run by Tin Soldiers Antwerp. Our club ran a Darkest Afrika game at the convention. More photos will follow later, focusing on some of the Belgian clubs present at the convention.

Renaissance Mediteranean seabattle by the Pike and Shot society.

Overview of our Darkest Africa game. Basically you see a whole bunch of Dutch people enjoying themselves. And believe me - the competition between them was fierce! BTW, the person in the Schild & Vriend T-shirt, fanatically clutching a bag of cotton wool, is Maarten trying to instill some order into the proceedings.

Tthe creators of our Darkest Africa game taking a break.
From left to right : Bart V., Bart D. (both modestly hiding behind a tree) and Alan (unsuccessfully trying to hide behind his breakfast).

An English civil war game. It took them a very long time to get into contact. But they were lucky they were placed next to a Warhammer game, so relatively speaking they were on schedule (just to throw some prejudice around (-: ).

The Dortmunder Amateur Wargaming Club with their stunning clash of Caesar against the Nervii. They won first prize for best game at the convention, and they certainly deserved it. The river you see is the Sambre (Belgium). The person in the white shirt is Ulrich, half of the Dortmunders. The second member - thus insuring that the full club was present - managed to stay out of this photograph.

The British attacking the native village in our second Darkest Africa game of the day.

An excellent closeup view of Bart D.'s jungle!

The Dutch Warhammer association was present as well, with an Aztec/Orcs/flying horrors/Empire battle. Many dice were heard rolling....

The Dutch club 'Murphy's Heroes' stole the show with their very original attack run on the Death Star game - the table was 8 meters long! They were also honourably mentioned, together with our Darkest Afrika game (modesty - never heard of it (-: ) for best game of the convention.

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