Picture Gallery Crisis 97

These pictures were taken during Crisis 97, a miniature wargaming convention run by Tin Soldiers Antwerp. Our club ran an Old West game at the convention.

An overview of our Old West game, featuring: Frank, Bart, Dominique, Maarten (punching his own head), and two unknown people passing by ...

Bart is explaining the game to innocent passers-by. Dominique is busy studying some stats (as always).

A general overview of the gaming hall.

A Napoleonic game run by Stipsciz Hussars. Judging by the houses, probably the Peninsular War.

A stunning 1/300 WW2 terrain, completely scratch-built by Tin Soldiers Antwerp.

An American-Mexican War scenario, run by the Heavy Brigade.

A stunning Napoleonic 15mm display, depicting the battle of Wavre. I can't remember what club ran this game.

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