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These are pictures of an Aquazone game: underwater combat with submarines, deep submersible vessels, marine animals and torpedos! This is a project stemming entirely from Phil Dutré's creative mind. The miniatures are plastic toys from nature animal collections, 1/35 model plane ordnance and MicroMachines and Revell submarines. Terrain consists of a GeoHex seacloth and some weird rock formations of uncertain lineage.

The rules used for this project were a modified version of the Full-Thrust space combat rules. More about the game and the rules used can be found on our Aquazone page.

A general overview of the deep ocean. Two DSV's are fighting two orcas and a manta ray, when a misguided torpedo arouses the mother of all monster squids. This turned out to be very bad news (-:.

An orca is in trouble, with two torpedos launched by the yellow submarine (no connection, BTW) homing in. The fish's only chance is to use it's natural agility to out-turn the torps and run behind the rock formation.

Two orcas pose in this stunning display of underwater scenic beauty.

A DSV uses it's external manipulator arms to recover a nuclear missile from a sunk submarine. In the distance, a rival sub has launched it's torpedo, amazingly oblivious to the dangers of using high-explosives near a nuclear warhead...

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